When one was young, one had a “Commonplace” book.  The idea was foisted upon the class by a teacher who was well meaning, but for whom the idea was so familiar that she did not realise the need to explain the idea behind it, and confined herself to the what rather than the why.

I didn’t get it till 40 years later. The brilliant idea of a combination of journal and notebook that let one record the unremarkable while it was still fresh to one, the cuttings, the jokes, the ‘how to do that incredibly difficult knot to…’ which in time and with use become second nature, but needs the clarification of being recorded to make it stick.

And then along comes the Blog, Commonplace with searches, easy to index and keyword.  This is my commonplace book for digital photography. Lots of the things I record will be just that — commonplace.  Some might be new to you too, I hope there enough of those to make the reading worthwhile.

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