Big Prints

Taken any good photos lately?

With everyone using digital cameras these days, the tendency is to just look at the results on the computer screen.  Let’s face it that’s as much as some photos warrant, but everyone will come back from a day out with one or two really good shots.  If you just want to make some small prints to share with your friends you can probably do that on your own printer.  If however it’s a great photo, then you want a big colour calibrated giclée print to frame.  I can help if you are nearby.

I have a Canon iPF6100 24 inch wide roll printer, and a Canon Pro 4000 44 inch wide roll printer.  That means I can make prints up to 44″ wide, and from a few inches to 33 yards long.  It also takes quite fancy print media, so I can make Canvasses, Fine Art matte paper, metallic paper or just simple gloss paper prints from your photo.  Add to that the Canon Lucia ink which is rated colour-fast in display use for nearly 100 years, and you will have a picture to be proud of for many years to come.

Types of Canvas prints

Museum Wrap

A “Museum Wrap” print is particularly useful for pictures which will have additional framing.  It has additional cloth around the picture allowing the whole picture to be displayed on the front of the frame. and the extra cloth is used to stretch the canvas around the frame giving white sides.

Gallery Wrap

A ‘Gallery Wrap’ print has a very slick modern look. It is manipulated to put the picture around the sides of the frame as well. Typically a strip at the edge of the image is reflected to extend the image so the same bit of picture is running in to where the canvas folds round the frame both in the main image and up the side of the framr.  Again the whole of the original image is presented on the front of the frame.  This allows it to be hung without additional framing for that ultra modern look.

Other Canvases

I don’t do the sort of print where you lose part of your picture to do the wrap.  If you want to stretch your own canvas I will print it with a 2″ white border.

Fine Art Paper

At around 300 g/m2 fine art paper is potentially ready for immediate framing.  Unlike canvases the whole 44″ width of the printer is available, as there is no need to allow a 2″ border either side for the stretching process.  I can also help you with beveled card mounts to fit your print into your frame.

How big to print?

Glossy magazines print at 300 dpi (dots per inch), newspapers at about 72dpi, and most computer screens are between 92 and 230 dpi.  A 36″ HD television is around 60 dpi, 56″ 4k TV 78 dpi, so it’s all a case of how far away you expect the viewer to be. In general the bigger the picture the further away you’re expecting the viewer to be and the lower the resolution you need, so there are no hard and fast rules.  Normal minimum viewing distance for a print is twice the length of the diagonal, and that is what PAGB photo judges are expected to work to, though some abuse their access and “pixel peep”

If you are considering a seriously large print, we can help you decide by simulating the finished print on a photo of your hanging location

What will it cost?

Front Print area Raw Print Museum Wrap Canvas Gallery Wrap Canvas 3mm Mount Board Foam board mount Gloss Laminate Matt Laminate Satin Laminate Perspex
24″x16″ Gloss print £11.00                
24″x16″ Fine Art matt £20.50                
20″x14″ canvas £37.50 £37.50 £40.50            
A2 cut sheet                  
36″x36″ Fine Art matt                  
44″x30″ Fine Art matt                  
44″x12″ Gloss panorama                  


NB Mounting not included

Well it all depends on the size you want, but here are a few different finishes mostly using the full width of a printer as the long edge.  Give me a call on 01577 861848 in business hours for your big print.

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