It’s Calendar Time

Overlay style calendar
It’s strange how few calendar templates there are out there for d-i-y calendars.  It was particularly nice to find Jeffrey Friedl’s Calendar Builder a photoshop javascript which builds the month tables for you, and does a nice job of putting a photo in for one to print oneself.

I particularly liked the flexibility — you can provide an annotations file to put holidays or other notable events onto particular days, you can start the week on any day you like, add week numbers either based on Jan 1st, or the first Thursday (as the standard dictates) or leave them off, and it provides for many different paper sizes.

Conventional Calendar
There are two basic styles — landscape with the picture faded and overlayed by the month grid, or portrait with the picture above the grid — both expect landscape format pictures — the portrait format needs manual adjustment of the mask and opacity.  Altogether a very nice package, that’s good for any year, as it calculates the grid each time.

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