Author: Andrew Macpherson
Based half way between Edinburgh and Perth, Great Britain, my day job is saving customers from SPAM mail. I've been doing photography as a hobby since 1965, and am learning new stuff all the time.

Using a Tilt Shift Lens, let’s re-design for photographers not the convenience of lens makers

In the beginning cameras with lenses (vs pinholes) were built round a laboratory optical bench, where the various elements could be relatively easily adjusted. This led to the "Stand" and…
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Photographing Charity Cycle Rides – lessons learned

Well it's the 4th time I've had a go at photographing the participants in the London to Cambridge sponsored charity cycle ride. Each time I get a little closer to…
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Liberty Business in Stortford

The Mayor's Business Networking event around the Market Square in Stortford variously in Baroosh, Zizzi and Host, and with a few brave souls in the square itself The Camera Club,…
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Photo challenge cards, topic suggestions needed

In preparation for the season when the club goes out and about I"m making up some sets of photo challenge cards, 5 topics per card, which I'll make available here…
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