Finishing the studio

Installing the underfloor heating and laminate floor

The final transformation of the bare stone walls and 8.5m high store to a warm light and airy photographic studio, with attic store above took a while longer than expected. It was slightly over 2 years from when we started that the floor went down.

With the new ceiling a mere 4.5m above the floor, it was an obvious choice to simply lay the underfloor heating in its special grooved carrier panels straight on top of the existing floor. The loss of 3.5cm height was inconsequential. The panels have thick foil on top to carry the heat across the floor, and turning curvets keep the flexible pipe at the correct spacing

The video shows 2 stages, first laying the carrier, and embedding the pipes to carry the warm water which took slightly over 2 days, then laying the laminate, which was a team effort, with Phil doing most of the laying, Kerry and Sandy checking the boards for damage, while I got to run up and down the stairs and play with the table saw to cut the panels at the ends of the rows to length. 65 flights of stairs per day, but we are delighted with the result.

The final studio is 100 square metres on the main level, and another 30 square metres on the “stage.”

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