MacBook Air, the story continues

Well I have to say that once the MacBook got to Backstage, the repairers, they achieved a swift turn-around, and had it back to me, with the connectors changed, and apparently working in short order.

And so it continued for nearly 3 weeks.

I use this MacBook Air as a laptop, not as a portable desktop to move from table to table, but genuinely as something to sit in my lap, or on the arm of my chair, the tray table in a plane or wherever I’m going.  I want to be able to review pictures quickly in consultation with the sitter / client…

After a couple of weeks the keyboard and track-pad, what Backstage describes as ‘the top case,‘ started hanging again.  I’ve paid more attention to how the symptoms developed this time: before it stopped entirely the MacBook Air  would start, with the inputs working, then I would put it over to one side and when I picked it up again the trackpad and keyboard would be dead, and the only recourse was to plug in a USB mouse to shut it down.  Then I noticed it hanging when I was holding it with one hand (left if it is relevant) and typing with the other.  At this time I start wondering about micro cracks in the main logic board, but I don’t have the tools to check, and as it’s under extended warranty insurance, opening it up would not be appropriate.

Anyway we’re back to complete lockout, and using the external USB mouse and keyboard to de-register Photoshop prior to sending the laptop off for repair again 🙁 .

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