Notes from the Tabernacle

A seminar arranged through the London Photographic Meetup Group, featuring the Internationally famous photographer and trainer Frank Doorhof, who I had seen earlier this week at Focus on Imaging at the NEC

Arrived early at the Tabernacle for Frank’s show.

The Pan Man
The Pan Man

The hallway has a fascinating wireframe sculpture of “The Pan Man” a carnival Steel drum player, under a memorial to Claudia Jones the mother of the Notting Hill Carnival. As I’m sitting enjoying a mocha I get to say say good morning to Frank and Anneweik as they go past to set up.

We are asked to wait until 10:15 before going up to the theatre, a very nice space, set up with round tables, and surprisingly comfortable folding chair.

Frank Doorhof addressing the audience
Frank Doorhof addressing the audience

Frank is sitting under a spotlight, on a high chair, somewhat reminiscent of Dave Allen.

The class starts with a reprise of Frank’s theme “Why fake it when you can create it?”

Here are a few notes, points or aphorisms from the talk:

  • Emphasis on Knowing how to do it right, as second nature.
  • Great bare bulb shots to show that expensive strobes are not required
  • The seminar is “PowerPoint” but with a big emphasis on composition and audience interaction.
  • Go low for a new viewpoint.
  • “Find a stage and the players will come” – Jay Maisell
  • Interesting examples of wide angel lens fashion
  • Be careful to put in deliberate asymmetry.
  • Deliver the picture you are happy with
  • Tip try DxO Optics vs Lightroom for lens correction
  • Lose colour, and add contrast and noise for interest
  • If you have to title a photo it’s possibly not strong enough

Finished up with finally buying Frank’s “Live in Boston” instructional DVD.  Get yours here.

It was also good to meet a new people, I expect I’ll try more of these meetups.

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