Watching and learning

I was much touched to be invited to Mark and Megan’s wedding, and to some of the festivities leading up to the blessing in St Cecelia’s in Little Hadham, and the reception in Bury Green.  Great fun, and I also got to meet Greg and Teri Harris.  Teri is proprietor of Ladybug Photography a wedding specialist, and Greg has an enormous range to his photographic experience and qualification.

The first thing I learned, and it made sense as soon as I stopped to think about it, was to take off the lens and fit a body cap when putting cameras in to one’s bag.  That way one doesn’t need to have a continuously varying lens space in front of the body, and a partially unsupported lens, but rather can have a properly sized space with correctly placed padded dividers for body and lenses.  So obvious, so entirely different from what the bag makers are addressing in their marketing.

Teri had a problem with this wedding, as she was the bridesmaid.   Makes taking photos a little difficult, especially as she was, by office, an essential part of many tableaux.  Once the reception got going though, she succumbed to the need to get back behind a lens.  In the meantime Greg had ben shooting at a tremendous rate.  So that was point number two, keep going till well after you’re sure you have a shot for each scene, there are no re-runs.

I was offered 2 pieces of general advice — firstly to learn to shoot manual — or is that go back to shooting manual?  I think E-TTL flash mode was permitted, but I’m not sure :-D.  The other was to never use flash for flowers.

Thanks guys! There is still so much to learn, and isn’t that great?

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