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What files have I worked on?

by on May.10, 2013, under Learning, Retouching, Workflow

Ever find you have to do some work in Lightroom without adding Picks, selections, stars or other obvious Metadata?

Select Develop Preset

Select Develop Preset

I recently found myself tweaking a friend’s images so she could use them immediately rather than wait to get home and work on them at her desktop…  She had literally hundreds of photos on the card, but wanted to see them full screen, then wanted a few adjusted, and the issue was, at the end of the exercise, to identify quickly which had been touched to re-export them.

All your modifications will be under "custom"

All the modifications will be under “custom”

With the folder open in the Lightroom Library Module I went to the Filter bar press ‘\‘ if it’s not showing at the top and select ‘Metadata’ then set my selection to ‘Develop Preset’ at this point you may have a few choices particularly if you have used any presets, but everything I had touched was under custom enabling me to quickly pick them out for re-export.

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Lightroom 4 upgrade GOTCHAS

by on Mar.10, 2012, under Workflow

Summary: Keyword dictionary messed up, lost management of Flickr images.

AJ Wood’s issue with the tone curve has been well aired, if you haven’t seen them have a look here.  I’ve had a few more prosaic problems with my upgrade, (continue reading…)

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Rugby from the stands

by on Feb.19, 2012, under Equipment, Learning, Workflow

Penalty Kick

On Saturday I had a welcome unexpected chance to go to a Harlequins home game, and saw it as a chance to try some of the ideas that I’ve been picking up from Scott Kelby’s blog though just from the stands, rather than the privileged sideline access of the professional.

Kick-off was at 17:30 a quarter hour after sunset, so this was strictly a floodlight exercise.  I quickly found that the exposure on the field of play was fairly constant, but there was huge risk of variability if one let the camera “do it’s thing”so went fully manual, f2.8, 1/800th & ISO on H1 (12800).  The other half of this exercise was processing in LightRoom 4 beta, and the noise removal could only be better than the already good results one gets in Lr3. (continue reading…)

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GPX Master+ GEO Tagging made easier

by on Feb.04, 2012, under Equipment, Tags and Copyright, Travel, Workflow

I very much like to GeoTag my photos, particularly Landscape and Street photography.  I’ve been a great fan of both GeoTagger and GPS Photolinker on the Mac.  The first links to a Google Earth plugin to find where you have placed location crosshairs, the second works with GPX track logs to work out where you were when you took a photo.  In both cases one has to get Lightroom to re-read the metadata for it to notice the location.

Lightroom 4 Beta has all this functionality built in to the Maps module, which is a big win, but ideally one should still carry a GPS device, such as a Garmin eTrex and download the tracks to synchronise with the photo timestamps.  Of course there is also the track data held inside one’s iPhone, but Apple have gone out of their way to make that difficult to access.

Enter GPX Master+ which uses your Dropbox account to synchronise track files to your computer from your iOS device, ready for import into Lightroom 4 (or GPSPhotoLinker) and just makes life that little bit easier.  Usual caveats about Battery drain apply — you have about 1 hour, but if like me you have a car charger this is unlikely to be an issue.  For all-day use the Garmin E-Trex is still the way to go.

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Camera Club Fundraiser

by on Jul.09, 2011, under Camera Club, Equipment, On Site, Workflow

Three weekends ago, just before I went off for an op, we had a stand at Hatfield Heath Festival to try to raise awareness of the club, and raise some cash for the projector fund.  I havn’t quite got round to writing about it, having been slightly distracted, so it’s time to make amends

Hatfield Heath Public Photoshoot, © 2011 Paul Lambert

Photo given to sitter as 6×4 print

The Saturday session was in direct competition with Bishop’s Stortford Carnival, where we also had a stand, so each event had one of the two print stands, usually used for print competitions

We had a selection of member’s prints for sale, both ones that had been in competition, and some framed or mounted specially for this event.  Mainly though the exercise was to engage potential members, and enthuse them to come along for a trial club evening, and I think we were moderately successful in that.

We were also offering free “Hollywood Look” 4×6 portrait, retouched with “Portrait Professional”  (continue reading…)

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How the Bridge/Camera Raw kicks Lr’s A#$$

by on Jun.11, 2011, under Off the wall, Workflow

Lightroom is great, don’t get me wrong. This is about what’s missing or could be better.

Lightroom is slooow. Let’s be honest, Lr is a huge memory hog, and would benefit massively from being able to use a real database.

Lightroom does not know the difference between orientation and aspect ratio, it thinks that landscape, portrait and square are aspect ratios; ever tried to find your panoramas in Lightroom if you havn’t tagged them? As managing and sorting images is a major part of Lr’s remit this is a major failing.

If you use multiple machines it’s essential to write the metadata to the file or an xmp sidecar.

It’s nearly impossible to run Lr & Ps on a 4G MacBoook Pro at the same time

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