A Highland Holiday

Picture of controls from the footplate
Picture of controls from the footplate
The Jacobite, fired and ready for off

Just back from one of those remarkable experiences, you know the sort, where you tell people what you’ve just done and the almost universal reaction is “Oh, I’ve been meaning to do that…” in this case it was a trip I arranged for my brother-in-law who is a great railway buff.  We took the steam train “The Jacobite” on an excursion from Fort William to Mallaig.  This is the Hogwarts Express run over Glenfinnan viaduct.

In fact a lot of the outdoors shooting for Harry Potter took place in Glenfinnan, and Alnwick castle (Hogwarts) was transposed from it’s rather flatter borders setting by the magic of post-production up to a promontory on the loch.  I got much fascinating detail from Robert Haining a National Trust for Scotland ranger.  NTS owns the Glenfinnan Monument to the 1645 rising.

Anyway here’s a slideshow: Jacobite Steam Trip (warning 120 Mb)

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