Bridge vs LightRoom

Just bought Lightroom, at a very nice NAPP member discount, for the job it’s meant to do — Digital Asset Management. With over 20k photos things were getting out of hand, but I was seriously horrified to realise how lax I had become WRT tagging the photos.  Over 12k had no keywords.  Another job to keep one amused for a while, and keywording from a structured keyword dictionary is slightly slicker  in Lightroom compared with Bridge, as Lr will bring up a list of the matching targets, while Bridge obliges one to “Find next”

The first infuriating thing I’ve found with Lightroom is that I can’t Geotag my photos once they’re loaded into Lr.  With Bridge, I would use a combination of GPSPhotoLinker which matches the timestamp against a GPS track to locate my photos or, when I didn’t have the GPS with me, Geotagger to find the right spot on Google Earth.  Bridge would happily re-read the exif, or the xml sidecar whereas Lr really does not want to know. Guess geotagging comes first in the workflow, before import, what a PITA.

Also been watching Scott Kelby and Matt Kloskowski’s “100 Ways Lightroom KICKS Bridge’s @$$” which is very amusing, but reassuringly demonstrates that they’ve not been serious Bridge users for a while. It is a very good introduction to the useful features of Lr, and well wort a working through, and successfully makes the case for Lr as the tool of choice for photographers (I had to start Firefox for this though, it stuttered horribly in Safari here)

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