Another Speedlight replacement

New Nissin Flash

After the problems with the YN565 I was a little more circumspect when looking for an affordable slave flash, and checked with the vendor that the unit I was considering would indeed work with my Canon ST-E2.  With a positive response I went for the NISSIN Digital Di866 Mk II this unit operates both in the hotshoe, and as an IR triggered Slave.  Missing features would seem to be

  • High Speed sync Button — only available from the Camera menu
  • Second Curtain Sync, also only on menu.

As is usual with high end flashes, there will be various sets of things that don’t get used by individual photographers — at the moment I don’t see myself using Multi for instance, but so far I’m pleased with a unit that’s half the price of the Canon equivalent, it “just works”

A note for Mac users: be prepared to go online to download the manual, as it is delivered on a mini-CD incompatible with the mechanised media slots on Macs.

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