Eye-Fi vs Shooting Tethered

Just been trying a borrowed Eye-Fi card with a CF adapter in my Canon 5DII, to see if it would work.  My goodness it was so slow till I turned round to “point” the CF slot in the camera at the hub. then it speeded up to about 15 seconds per frame from having been taking minutes.

When I compare this with Canon’s EOS utility which takes about 3 seconds even on the end of a USB cable with a 5m regenerating extender, and you’ll see why I’m not rushing out to buy one.  The lack of wires would be nice, and I hope we’ll start seeing Bluetooth tethering in every new camera soon, but this is just too slow.

It’s nice to have downloaded an apparently working version of EOS utility (December update), but I would still advise setting “leave image on card” out of general paranoia, along with putting the camera into “one shot” drive mode, just to avoid overrunning the buffer.

I do like the Lr Watch folder feature to bring in the photos transferred on the tether, but found Lr’s built-in camera control less useful than I had hoped — I had been expecting something closer to On-1’s camera remote for iPhone and iPad, with pretty full control, rather than just the remote shutter trigger.

It’s all an issue because we’ll be doing event-style portraits to raise money for camera club funds at the Bishop’s Stortford Carnival on the 19th. We need a new higher resolution projector, now that the competition resolution spec has improved.

This leads to a thought for the day: “HDTV” describes a comparison with what went before, not any sort of absolute quality.

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