Seasonal Toys & Games

It’s very useful having a wish list somewhere that your friends and family can consult before the holidays or your birthday.  Luckily for me some did just that, so now I am the proud owner of Pixel TD-381 external 8 cell battery packs for 2 of my speedlights, that reduce the recycle time down to well under 2 seconds, from the unenhanced 7 seconds, a Wex 5-in-1 diffuser/reflector (which will not need explanation), and a Powerex 8 cell Ni-Mh charger/conditioner

The battery packs each have 2 banks of 4 cells, so you can use 4 or 8 cells in each pack, and when attached to the speedlight, these are what powers the flash high voltage / power section, while the internal batteries only run the logic and control circuitry.  Pixel suggests that they can run your speedlight for over 500 full flashes before needing recharged, (possibly more with the newer 2900 mAh cells) and another big advantage is that being flat they also have better heat loss properties than the bundle inside the speedlight, (and also a thermal cut-out) so reducing your chance of melting that expensive flash unit.

The plug fits both Canon 580, 580 MkII and Nissin Di866 Mk II.  There is a different model number for the Nikon and Sony compatible versions.

As for Games, I’m going to try to keep up with the LensProToGo 52 week challenge on Flickr, come and join in — as the adage goes “It’s not about winning, it’s about taking part” and maybe we’ll all be stretched along the way.

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