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It’s sometimes awkward  showing photos to a client, especially when you don’t have a projector, a huge screen, and ProSelect software, or the volume to justify such tools.  The laptop screen really does not cut it.

This weekend I realised that a very simple investment did a lot to give access to a viewing medium that is already installed at the client’s home, that they are fully comfortable with — their large screen TV. The tool? A long DVI to HDMI cable gets you their giant 1080i screen as a second screen.  Unfortunately the TV will not be colour calibrated, but the customers will be attuned to it.

The beauty is, the switch over to Digital TV means that most homes will have recently installed one, and the risk is only with the “early adopters” who have only installed the lower-resolution “sport” version of HD-TV in the mistaken belief that there would never be true HD 1080i transmissions, and those who are still using set-top boxes.

Of course the “HD” in HDTV is strictly a statement of improvement, and not any sort of absolute statement of quality, but it’s as good as we’ve got for now.

Now if only Adobe Bridge would do Slideshows on the second monitor.

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