Help my menu settings keep vanishing!

Ever had that horrible sinking feeling when you look at a piece of really expensive equipment and see something that  might behave more optimally?  One that has suddenly acquired symptoms to make you believe that a hefty bill is coming?

In this case my EOS 5D MkII had suddenly acquired bad habits, viz shooting Large JPEGs vs RAW, beeping on autofocus, sRGB vs Adobe, brightness vs RGB histogram, blinkies off  etc. I spent ages trying to work out what was going on to make it power on in this perverse state, why my settings would not ‘take’ over a power cycle.

Who’s feeling smug and knows the answer?  Well done! Yes I had inadvertently set a custom mode, and once that mode dial was back in Av all was how it should be.

The panic search did point out that firmware 2.0.7 was now current, so to celebrate return to normal, I’ve upgraded.

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